Not exporting images from Custom Code block (Mac version)

I have a little gallery of images running that's setup from a script which runs on a ton of pages for one of my clients. Up until this last update it has worked fine from what I've seen, but with this latest update I just exported the client's site and it does not include the entire directory of images for that script.

I had to turn the setting off that exports only used images due to this, and that's not a good thing with this and a few other clients that have image heavy sites.

Please fix this asap.

let me know if you need the project in order to check this out.

Please fix this asap.

Last time Martin was active on the forums was sept, 25. One month ago. Nobody is monitoring forums atm, not even for blocking verbal abuse and banning abusive language. As you certainly noticed lately development of core features has stalled. So good luck with that bug, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a fix.

Last time Martin was active on the forums was sept, 2

He is working day and night on BSS, so he doesn't have a minute to spend on this forum ... ;-)

I did email Martin and got a reply this morning and he's taken care of that nasty poster and removed that thread or his posts and banned him. Says that they are working diligently to get the next release out which should be out this week! I'll be happy to see that release and I guess I'll wait until then to know if we're going to start seeing some of the features we've asked for for years. Stay tuned I guess and hopefully we'll be happy campers this week.

I won't expect this bug fix in there this week, unless it's something that they can do easily, but it does depend on if they have seen these posts or not which that part we can't be sure of at this moment. sighs and waits patiently for now

@Jo Thanks for these good news ! I really hope Martin will take some time for the missing features we all asked (and you a long time before me !).

Sorry for the lack of replies from the team! We were busy preparing the release and I didn't keep an eye on the forum.

There are limits to what the "Skip unused images" feature can do as of now. JS code is not scanned, so if an image is only referenced there the app would consider it as unused. Any idea if this is the case with your design?

Yep it's definitely the problem then. Guess I won't be able to use that feature after all then. There is a lot of JS that is used that encompasses images where they aren't referenced anywhere else. We really need a way to define the images used so they are counted. Even if it's just a checkbox or toggle of some sort next to each image so that if they aren't in the normal HTML we can toggle them on so they are exported along with the rest. Otherwise, a lot of people aren't going to be able to use this feature, I'm sure I'm not even close to the only person that uses scripts to run image functions.

Having a switch in the context menu, which forces images to always export is a possibility, but will likely confuse users.

A workaround that I can think of is to place the images in a hidden div in your slideshow, or somewhere on the page, so that they are referenced. Your JS could then take the photos from that div, instead of having them hard coded in an array. A less "hacky" approach would be to have your slides entirely created with components in the page, with JS only there to transition between them.

Or create an "image-used-in-our-site.html" that just is a page that list all images (used)

the page is never used, and if you FTP your site - you can just skip it on upload.

  • Michael

In the end, I guess I'll have to do the same for these scripts as I do for my WowSlider images. Upload them manually and reference them as if they are in the app (in other words, Relative URL's). I won't see them working as I should, but I don't now anyways so, that will save the issue of having to change things or create unnecessary things to accommodate this.

Truly something should be done on this though in the app without having to do all these work arounds. If it's going to be a really full fledged website builder, it should not make us do all these work arounds to accommodate the things that "every web builder/developer" uses on a regular basis, meaning scripts.

The work arounds both of you bring up, cause me to have to keep track manually of every image used in order to add them to a page, or to add them in multiple places on a page just to get them to export.

That actually brings up another question: Are images being exported for items that are disabled/hidden? They shouldn't be should they?

Thanks for the possible work arounds in any case. They are appreciated.