Nuke the SASS Message????

Every time we open a project, we get this popup at the lower right of the screen about not having SASS configured. We do not/are not using any SASS coding. How do we stop being pestered by that popup message?

Bumping this back up to see if anyone can help us get rid of the SASS popup when we open the projects.

Dunno what to tell you Herb, I didn't bother to post because I don't have that issue, I installed it and that took care of it. Why not do the same and that will take care of it for you too. You don't have to use it, just install it and then it's done.

That is the issue: have no clue about installing node.js, even with the instructions. We are not "programmers" so this npm and github stuff isn't anything we want to get into or learn. So, guess we just live with hitting the "x" to close off the pop up.