Nunito font, why can't remove it?


Why is the Nunito font attached to the project?.. I’m not using it and don’t want to export the CSS Nunito.css when exporting the project.


What project? You need to supply more information. Are you using a template? Post a link to your website.


It’s not a website, it’s for embedded device and I’m not using any template but the font is with a lock and can’t remove it… I created a new project and the font is not attached so I think it’s something I’ve added… but don’t know what.

Sorry and thanks for your time.

Sorry, but your post still makes no sense. If you’ve created a new project with this software, then you are building a website. That’s what Bootstrap Studio does. It builds websites.

Post a screenshot of where you’re seeing this “font with a lock.”

I’m making a website for embedded device like the interface of a router… can’t access it with a link.


It looks like you have used one of the built in bootstrap themes (maybe Morph?) a lot of the themes have fonts built into them.

What you would have to do is export the project, then edit the bootstrap.min.css file it produces to remove Nunito, it should only appear at the begining of the file as an import and then in the bootstrap sans serif variable

Then add the new css as a new theme.

When click on bootstrap themes there is one locked called “SB Admin” but when click on manage I don’t have any theme:

Don’t know why…

The template themes are always locked.

There are two ways to get round this:

The easiest way.

Once you have finished your project edit the bootstrap.min.css, delete the first line:

@import url(,200i,300,300i,400,400i,600,600i,700,700i,800,800i,900,900i&display=swap);

change the variable to the font of your choice:

--bs-font-sans-serif: "Nunito",

Then save and upload to your final location.

If you are going to be doing multiple changes along the way then It might be best to do the following:

  1. Export your design and edit the bootstrap.min.css file as explained above. For this example we will save it as mynewtheme.css

  2. In BSS create a new blank project (mynewadmin), then import and set the theme to mynewtheme.css

  3. Now open your existing project and in the design tab, copy over all your pages, css, js, images (and the fonts you need not nunito). You can do this by selecting multiple select, then right click > copy & paste > copy to > mynewadmin


Hi thanks, but maybe you can add more options to the bootstrap studio settings to do this in future versions to make it more simple.


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