Off Topic: You are amazing!

Honestly guys, time for a huge huge praise!

With every more day I use it I am more and more amazed how great Boostrap Studio is! Really. I just upgraded to Lifetime License. Guys, keep up this great work and I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who could use it.

Thank you very much!!!

Agreed ?

Very true urban-a! (Just upgraded to lifetime as well.)

I started a project about 18 months ago and was totally bewildered with programs out there. Finally I stumbled across BSS and was astounded!

Unfortunately, I had wasted so much time on other programs, I had to put the project on hold for the last 8 months. In the small time I had working with it, I found it a joy.

The other thing that I found amazing was the patient and kind help that I received here.

Really looking forward to re-commencing my project.

Many thanks to BSS and the fantastic members here.


Agree! :-) Nice Job.