Online component

Could we have Online examples of the various Component Contributions. I was looking at a Footer that updated Copyright to the current year, the contribution that claimed to do this it need manually adding code. But there’s also a simple Paragraph Contribution that does this very easily.

I think contributions need greater scrutiny., and challenge.


<div id="copyright">
document.getElementById('copyright').appendChild(document.createTextNode(new Date().getFullYear()))
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The online component area of Bootstrap Studio is currently approximating the order the the U.S.'s old “wild west”… meaning, there’s not a whole lot of oversight or control, and people just post whatever they feel like, in any language, with and without descriptions, screenshots, or even ensuring the components work correctly. There are no categories. No way to know how many components there are. Components can appear and disappear at the whims of their users. There are lots of components that are just copy/paste custom code blocks from around the internet, and there are a lot of components that are simply garbage, and shouldn’t even be up there to begin with (I think some people just get a vicarious thrill from thinking, “oh, look what I made, I need to share it so everyone else can see my big red box!”)

But it’s free, so it’s basically “buyer beware.” Download, install a component, see if it works for you, and if not, delete it. There’s no way to even categorize what you’ve installed in the past, so you know to avoid it. You need to keep your own records. There’s no way to know if a component has been updated recently, or is a duplicate of another component.

It’s a real shame, too, because of all the website software I’ve ever used to build websites, Bootstrap Studio is the only one to offer such a unique feature. But the drawbacks make it so unpleasant to use I generally stay away from it.

I believe a GOOD first step would be to add a forum section specifically for the discussion of online components, perhaps we could collectively come up with a way to revamp the feature, organize and vet what is up there for worth of inclusion, functionality, whether it uses custom code or not, etc.