Only one responsive webpage

Hello everyone. I hope you all doing good.

I need some help about creating a responsive webpage and have two questions:

1- Can i put different resolution of an image to show to different devices? (for example different resolution for mobile, different for desktop etc.) 2- I am just trying to create an under construction type of page for my website. I am using only an image. Responsive button works for image but when i previewed on desktop i saw that image aligned to the left. How can i solve this?

Thank you guys in advance.

This can be done with the srcset attribute, but it is a bit involved to do. We will be adding support for the Picture component in the future, which will make it easier.

Hello, you can follow the first 4 minutes of and you will get to manage your issue. I have been there. Good luck!

Thank you for your answer!

I actually manage to solve my problem with Mikersson's suggestion.

Good to know! in these three videos of bootstrap you have almost all the basics issues solved.