Only show current BS version components in the Online components list

Thank you soooo much for adding the dates, that will help a whole lot!

Now can we possibly step this up just a bit further and have only the version of Components showing that correspond with the version of BSS being used in your project? Since the list does have the ability to detect that as it gives messages at times to say something is not compatible with your current BSS version, I would "think" it should be able to detect it enough to only display that version then?

In other words, if I'm working in a BS4 version site, I dont' want nor need to see anything to do with BS3 in the Online Components list, it just make it take that much longer to go through the list having to look for that on every one. This would also free up space in the respective versions to show more of that particular version's online components.

That would be an awesome setup, and even if it's a checkbox at the top of the list where we could just check which version we want to see, whatever is easiest for you guys to do, this would help a lot and give us a lot more viable components to use when viewing the list.

P.S. I do realize I can add "BS4" into the search to get only BS4 components to show, and same for BS3, but if I didn't have to waste my one single search criteria on that and could use it to find specific types of components within a checked Version or detected version, that would give us one more control for our searches.

P.S.S Unless of course you'd like to give us a more versatile search capability in the Online Components. Now that would be an awesome addition! Ability to search by the following criteria would help immensely as checkboxes and text input, where they would not all need to be used to search: BS version (checkbox since there are only 2) Year uploaded (input box to type year) Category/Component Name (type of component, navs, sidebar, cards, etc.) (input box to type category) Author (input box to type author name or partial - I say partial as well because some people add strange chars to their names) Author Filter (to filter out specific authors by typing an author name or partial) Voting Score (input box to type lowest score acceptable in search)

I'm sure there are other things that would be helpful, but thats what comes to mind for now. :)