Open Multiple images with our editor

I love that I can open images directly from BSS to my image editor (Pixelmator Pro), but I would love it even more if it were possible to highlight multiple images to open them … say, from the right click menu maybe add something like Open images in Editor or whatever works for you.

  • 1 from me. I would like this also if possible.
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If I could add something here, It would also be nice to refresh or reload images rather than re-importing them after you make slight changes to them.

@timespider, if you right click on the image in the design tab and “open in” when you save the image in (photoshop) it automatically updates in bss

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Hi richards
I don’t have photoshop, does it do this in all graphics software?

Yes, when you right click on the image and open in, there is an option at the bottom to configure to the editor of your choice, this applies for image and code editors.

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Hi richards thanks for replying,
after checking, I noticed I have my graphic editors set like you’ve stated.
When doing a site I’ll have a couple of graphic editors open plus about 3 html/php editors at the same time.
So I generally update an image then end up back in BSS but not as my primary editor so I’ve most likely already updated the image & would like to just refresh that image in BSS without re-opening it from BSS to achieve this. I hope that made sense.
Thanks again for answering & updating.

Just an update here on the open images in editors.
It is not much use to me & it would be much better to update/refresh the image/path within BSS, as when I update an image it has to be within the application I made it in, like Photoshop, Affinity Photo etc.
Else all I open is the JPEG, PNG, from BSS and that really has no advantage as I can’t adjust elements like change the text or alter any other element or shape on the image/page.
I and most people always have the original files in the same place so just being able to refresh the originals would be a real time saver for me rather than re-importing them all the time…

I open my images within my favorite image editor (Pixelmator Pro at this time) from within BSS and when I save them, it saves them to BSS. Haven’t had any problems there at all, just with being able to open a bunch at a time from within BSS. Are you opening them to an external editor?