Open multiple pages of a project ...

Just in case this suggestion from quite a long time ago by more than a few people at that time has gotten lost ....

I'm finding more and more that it would be so much easier to check codes and grab codes etc. from other pages if we could open more than one at a time. It's very hard to compare things when you have to switch back and forth constantly with opening them where as having them already open is so much quicker. Not to mention there are many times I'd like to edit things on multiple pages that aren't linked together, but similar etc.

There's also the complication of having so many pages (30+) that you have to constantly scroll up and down the list to get to the pages you want to reopen, over, and over, and .... you get the idea I'm sure.

Just my 10 cents on the subject, but it was suggested a long time ago, and seems it's gotten lost in the process. Hopefully this is something we can look forward too in a not too future update.

I like this idea as well, and especially the idea of being able to copy/paste between pages or even different projects.


Pinegrow allows multiple pages to be open at once, and the biggest issue they seem to have with this is the undo (ctrl-z) feature. It seems to have a very difficult time keeping track of what has been undone on which page. One of the things I LOVE about BSS is that its undo works perfectly, so that would be my only concern. As long as BSS can implement multiple pages and make sure the undo can keep track of things across pages, I'm all for it.

But it does seem to be a challenge.

Yeah it would definitely need to keep track of the undos as well as it does now.

Just in case you're not aware though, we can copy and paste things between pages/projects already, it's just not as convenient within a project as it would be with multiple pages open at a time is all.

Personally I wish BSS would separate it's Undo/Redo feature from the Components list, but that's a discussion for another area lol.

This is a great idea, Jo. This would be a great addition to the app, but it is quite a big undertaking. We are working on improving parts of the app that will allow us to implement this in the future.

Thanks for the info Gabriela. I'm hoping that at some point someone will give us the opportunity to brainstorm the needs on this as I'm sure there are many. :)

Any news on this feature yet? Still looking to put it in?

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