Option Groups should be "grouped" and importable

I am making an littel site with a form an an option-list

there are 70 items in 14 groups to fill in.
I am at No. 27 and I got stupid :slight_smile:

in the Option-view there are only “items”. The option-groups are “items”
There should be one “group-item” and then an “item”

Next is, when I have 20 items I can add the 21. at the end of the list. I made the mistake to fill in all groups first, so now I have to move the inserted item to the top.
I don’t want to think about item No. 66

For so long Option-Groups - the Drag and Drop System is not the best. For up to 10 items, or quick edit I love draganddrop.

I think you should open the html-code a bit for inserting long option-groups or something else.
They are much easier to handle in a text editor.
Maybe make somewhere an “Expert Mode” Button and if something went wrong with the dragandrop - its our users fault :slight_smile:

Otherwise I would use “custom-html” for option-groups, when it is ready.

Thank you for the feedback! I think that the Custom Code component would be the perfect solution for this, once it is ready.