Option to "collapse child nodes" in the overview pane

I spend most of the time in the overview panel dragging and dropping components around, and I guess most use it this way. Over time, this panel gets quite messy with lots of nested components expanded. If there is a quick way to click on a node and choose "Collapse Child Notes" or just "Collapse", this should fold all nodes up that point. In my opinion, this'll improve productivity (not having to manually open/close each node) and keep the tree visually clean.

Do others agree?



I agree. Maybe a option+click or command+click to collapse/expand children.


As of right now I just click each parent to collapse when in different sections.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Binding it to +click might make it hard to discover. Instead we can add it as an option in the context menu when you right click an expanded component with children. We can call it "Collapse Tree" but I am not too sure about the name. Suggestions?

+1 from me.

As for the name, "Collapse Children" maybe?

Was just thinking about this and remembered this thread.

Maybe Expand Section, Collapse Section? That would tell people that it's going to only expand or collapse the section you are clicking on as well as all of it's children. It may not tell people that it will be doing all of the Children, but I'm guessing the first time they try it they will notice that it does that and go from there. This way you wouldn't even need Expand or Collapse Tree at all as anyone expanding the HTML section would open the whole tree.

Just found myself wishing this was here and thought I'd chime in and give some feedback on it. :)