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1) The default font shown in grey in the Font Family field is not scrollable, so one cannot see the full font family name

2) When I change the font family, I cannot select fonts installed on my computer (only google fonts?)

3) If I install a Google Font and then try to revert back to Helvetica, I cannot. Helvetica is not available when I search Google Fonts...

Best, Benjamin

Not a bug - you can only use google fonts currently - I hope the devs allow us to upload our own fonts soon

Hi Chris.

Not being able to reselect Helvetica Neu.. is buggy. For example, I can type 'Helvetica' and it will use it, but not 'Helvetica Neu'... even to have to be wasting time doing this is annoying.

Helvetica is a registered Font and is not a Google Font therefore you will not see it in the Font Manager because it's not a free font, you have to purchase it. That includes all variants of it.

https://fonts.google.com/?query=Helvetica the link for the font(s) it takes you to https://www.fonts.com/font/linotype/neue-helvetica?QueryFontType=Web&src=GoogleWebFonts so you can purchase it. Helvetica is something that most computers will have by default. All the variants probably not. You don't have to include a Font to your design if you have it on your system, only if it's a font that not everyone has. Which is why you provide fall back fonts in your design.


When importing a multi-style font, I can only use one and all other styles are ignored.

You need to import each of the styles. So when you're looking at Google Font's site, what you usually have to do is check each of the variations you want to include and it gives you the code links for each one of them. Same thing applies here, you need to import each of the variations (bold, bolder, narrow, etc.) that you want to use for each font.

So if I understand correctly, you’re saying that in the case of a Google Font family with multiple weights and styles, you actually have to “deconstruct” it into separate fonts (ex. fontname-normal, fontname-normal-italic, fontname-bold, fontname-bold-italic, and then import four distinct fonts, each with its own CSS file, as opposed to the way one can normally import a Google Font “family” and select the weights and styles through the BSS program.

If this is the case, it seems like a very unconventional and backwards way that the devs have chosen to create the font import capability. There are other web-builders out there that can import fonts as complete families, with all the styles and weights available under a single name.

I don’t know how it’s done when you import your own fonts, but when you’re choosing them from the font picker via Google Fonts, you have to choose each variant and then each variant is listed as a CDN in the head of the site page(s). I have never imported my own fonts so I am not sure how that part is done. I figure Google has a pretty good variety and therefore I just stick with what is readily available. So far I’ve been able to get away with that lol, no clients have requested any specific font as of yet. :slight_smile:

You’re right, that is a bit of a tedious way to go about importing fonts. We will fix the issue in the upcoming release. I’ve explained it in more detail here.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve done up until this new site I am building for a client presented me with a problem. The Google font I need to use (Source Serif Pro) has 12 different weights/styles, but BSS’s current Google font cache is a little behind what’s on the Google Fonts website. The version of Source Serif Pro that’s available through the BSS Google fonts import tool only lists three weights, and none of the italic styles. But Martin has said they’ll be updating the cache in the 5.5 release, so for now I will just build the site using the correct names and weights in the CSS, and allow Times New Roman to subsitute (it’s close enough for layout/design purposes. Then hopefully, by the time the site is done, BSS 5.5 will be out.

If not, I’ll just have to use the @import rules in the website head, and settle for using Times in the BSS workspace, and the see the correct fonts in the website preview. Not the end of the world.

I’m just glad I wasn’t crazy thinking I wasn’t importing fonts properly. It simply turns out that the program doesn’t currently support importing font families through the font import feature, but as Gabby has indicated in the link in the post above, it’s going to be addressed, so that’s great.