Overview panel pin button

Hi, for new update makes overview panel does not utilize the space as previous version. I hope it is possible as before drag and drop

Can you be more specific? I’m on Mac version and I see no difference from previous versions. It’s the same for the new as it was in the older ones. Can you provide screen shots and mark on them what you’re wanting to show us? Also, what version of OS are you on?

As can see here, my overview needs to click first to open. The same goes for studio and online panels. Compare to the previous version, the panel is on the bottom. Hard for me to drag and drop from studio to overview panel.

Ahh that made it much clearer thanks much for the screen shot which showed me what was wrong.

On the right side of that Panel side, put your mouse over the right edge of it and you will see that it acually resizes it’s width. If you pull it to the right it will put it back how you saw it before. You must have accidentally pushed it in without realizing it is all.

That entire side can be resized down to just Icons to help give you more space to work in if you need it, then when you click the buttons as you see in your screenshot, it pops up a window for you to make your choices. Stretching it back out will restore it to separate panels again.

This works the same on both sides of the app so the right side panels can also be resized.

Hope that helps and Merry Christmas if you celebrate!