Page not showing components correctly

Ok, this "could" be user error, and I apologize if it is, but I cannot seem to find anything wrong here that would make parts of my components not show up when uploaded.

Although I cannot test them with the browser preview (see other bug where it loads constantly and doesn't finish), I am able to open the pages locally (double click them) and they look fine. They are fine in the BSS app, they are fine when opening locally, I see no errors in that location of the code yet ... they show up empty boxes??? I'm stumped. I've never had this happen before so I don't know if it's an issue with the app or with the app user. Any help here? If it's a bug please let me know so I can put it back as it was. Thanks! you should see two blue empty boxes, they should have content in them, but don't.

My Ad Block Plus shows empty blue boxes until I turn off Ad Block Plus for that website. Then I see everything. Interestingly if I refresh and turn back on Ad Block Plus and then edit the class ad-holder to ad-holder2 it appears.

OMG I never even thought of that lol. I have Adguard running as well, and turned it off and now it shows ... note to self ... don't name classes with the word "ad" in them anymore TY TY TY TY!

Wow, what a random and useful discovery, but also, how prejudiced on the part of the Ad Block authors. Just using "ad" in the CSS triggers their blockers! How would any web developer even know about this were it not for people stumbling upon it fortuitously like Jo did?