Page opening at middle

I am really pleased with Bootstrap Studio overall, it's fantastic! My problem may have been addressed elsewhere but I cannot find it. I have created a single page with nabber links to id's at various points. I added the "Online" contact component "ebs-contact-form". I find that when I open my page online (hosted on my domain as a test) it opens to a point on the page where the contact form is located and the first name input is selected? Experimenting a little I found that if I delete this component the page opens at the top as i am expecting. Perhaps it's my deficient knowledge of html5 and css but it has me stumped.

Sounds like the first form field has been given focus and page is scrolling to it. Without seeing it live difficult to be more precise.

Link is

It does appear that the input box is getting focus, but how does that happen? Apologies for my ignorance. Steve

Not a valid web link - 404 error

I think this is the site address you meant?

For me what I am seeing right now is that the form is one of the first things to load. As the rest of the site fills in the content the form gets pushed down. Other then that I can't seem to see why that happens. Probably remove the reference to autofocus on that input.


At about line 230 you have this

                        <input class="form-control" type="text" name="firstname" placeholder="First Name" autofocus="" id="firstname"><i class="form-control-feedback fa fa-user" aria-hidden="true"></i></div>

Remove autofocus="" from it and try again.

Just deleted that autofocus text and bang, it loads straight to the top of the page as expected originally. Thanks so much for your help! I need to learn a little more I think. Steve