Page "wiggle", left-right margin?

My entire site has 5px margin left and right. So the page does this annoying wiggle in the browser. I can’t find in the Html, or the body?

Any clues?

Gonna need a link to the site to get any real answers. Impossible to know without seeing the site.

I’m guessing you’re referring to this site -

You have a Row in the footer that is not wrapped in a Container. Rows have negative left/right margins so they shouldn’t be placed top level. Either wrap it in a Container or switch the Gutters option off (from the Options panel). Hope that helps!

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Rows are not supposed to be place top level. Duh! I just quick fixed it for now by turning the gutters off.

I have some card titles that do NOT want to be responsive and it is making me a little crazy.

Thank you.
Jeffrey Hill

I can only imagine how fast this program’s reputation (and consequently its sales) would skyrocket if it only had a comprehensive user guide to explain the all the fundamentals - soup to nuts. I mean, fully explain what every option, every switch, every menu, in the UI does, along with an up-to-date tutorial explaining the basic construction of a website page from scratch.

You can do amazing things with this program, but you have to understand the nature of how amazing things are created in order to use BSS to create them. It’s a paradox.

There is a lot of blind “drag and drop” allowed in Bootstrap Studio. I have some experience coding Bootstrap by hand so I understood my mistake. Good eye ^gabby. A YouTube series on this software on this would be popular.

The BSS devs could have this done. In years prior, more than one of us who are Forum “regulars” have volunteered to assist with creating written or video tutorials. The Devs are not interested, which is a shame, because at this point I would no longer do it for free.

I’ve come to realize that the help given by the 5-6 of us who regularly support new users in the Forum goes largely unacknowledged. I do it because I was once a newbie myself, and I believe in karma, but even I am getting a bit tired of being an “unpaid tech support specialist.” I know others who are both more experience with BSS, and more tired doing the “support thing” than I am, which is truly a shame because once we’re all burned out, then everyone loses.

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