Parallax Not Appearing Issue

So I've added the "parallax" component to my site, and when using the "preview" option it renders and shows just fine.

My problem is when publishing the site, or exporting it and opening it in chrome/firefox, the image doesn't display and instead just shows the background colour as shown below by the empty space.

Issue Example

The console does not show any errors either. If there's anything else I can check/add, let me know!

Okay, nevermind I've figured this one out, it was due to the "Dark Reader" extension removing the image for some reason!

Did you check the exported HTML and CSS?

can you do it manually and spot the difference with the exported one?

What's the URL of the published site so that someone might check it to help you?

without basic HTML/CSS/js/bootstrap website building knowledge, the best way to build a website is not using BSS but asking a pro