Parcel Integration

Is this something along the lines of what we may have been looking for? Any interest from anybody here on the forum?

Lots of ideas here... devs? Anything that we might want to incorporate into BSS?

Thank you for the suggestion! I don't think it is a good fit for Bootstrap Studio though - build tools need custom configuration to be useful, which is best done through code. Also every tool/library which we integrate comes with maintainability cost. Maybe a custom export script is a good way to make use of external tools like these.

Still we would love to hear how you envision the integration with parcel to work. It may give us ideas for new features.

This may seem strange, but I was more interested in the structure and architecture of Parcel. And since it is open source, it might be a good idea to study the way that it is able to integrate with everything.

There's good reason for why the parsing is done this way. I don't know how far away this is from the way that BSS is parsed and structured.