Password protected components or custom code

Hi there,

I am playing with this idea: What if there is a “password protected” feature for components in BSS? Since there is no protection for .bssdesign file, the author has no tool to protect his work.

My use case is this:

– I am creating specialized static websites using BSS
– other people want to use my .bssdesign file as a template for their clients
– I can provide a template for them
– But they can use the template more times than agreed
– Or they can sell the .bssdesign file without permission

My few ideas how to protect .bssdesign files:

– I can set my custom component/code to “can’t be deleted mode” with password protection
– And it can be used for something like “created by X” logo on the bottom of the page, which can’t be deleted if user didn’t bought the proper licence from the author of the template.

Online editors are using this with their floating logo on the side:

– I can provide the a password to them since they buy a licence and the can delete it with the password/license
– Or, and thats the best use case, I can upload my .bssdesign file as a DEMO file online, and there will be a password protected footer with my logo so everyone can try my template, export a website, but there will always be my logo and something like “This is created by X for demo use only” and they can’t delete this component in the editor.Since they can copy paste all the sections and styles to a new file, this also has to be prohibited somehow.
– Or I can set the “secret Header section” in the settings with password protection (analytics, tracking)
– Or I can set the “css tracking element” inside the custom protected code
– Or it can be set in the setting like “this project can’t be duplicated” and “the components cant be copied to other projects”.

Ofcource, there always will be a way to get around it, but for casual user, it will be enough to remember the licencing and using it within the rules.

Licensing is powerful stuff. And ability to somehow licence or protect .bssdesign file will give to us, authors, a powerful tool to create, use, sell and spread the power of Bootstrap Studio editor even more.

My most beautiful “dream idea” is to be able to license the .bssdesign directly through the settings in the BSS inside so the whole .bssdesign file will have the authors rules inside and only a proper license code can unlock or delete protection of the file. I can imagine settings like “license key for 3 copies of the file”, “license key for 10 copies of the file”, “license key for unlimited copies of the file”, or “license key for deleting the X logo from the footer”. :slight_smile:

Does it make a sense? What do you think, guys?:slight_smile:

Or I have another idea how to protect the file if I decide to show it as a DEMO file:

– user can download it
– user can open it in BSS
– user can edit it and basically do what they want and learn
– user can NOT save it
– user can NOT duplicate it
– user can NOT upload online any component
– user can NOT copy or move any component outside the project

So user can easily get the idea how to work with the template file, how it is sorted and managed, I can provide whole video academy courses how to make own project with this template. User can learn it and decide if they want to buy a full version of the file.

Stolen .bssdesign DEMO file will be read only so it cannot be used illegally to create new projects.

I that possible to do it fin BSS? Do you see a potential for other BSS users/creators as well?

Thank you. BSS is really amazing.

There are HTML and Body parts that can’t be deleted. What about Custom code component with that ability? Inside can be placed licensing info, or some tracking script, etc. Password protected.