Paste Linked option not available in another page?

Why is 'paste linked' option not available when I go to another page to paste linked a copied part from other page?

It is not available across projects, which is what I believe you are referring to. Only applicable within the project you copied from.


Sounds like he's talking about a page not a project, and it should be available there.

The only thing I know of to ask is if you are using any type of Clipboard enhancing app while working with Bootstrap. Why this happens I don't know, but I do know that I tried using CopyLess app on my mac to manage my clipboard better, but it interferes with the Paste Linked in that it makes it not show up at all.

If you're running some sort of clipboard app, turn that off then turn BSS on and try and see if it works. It should work then. If not, I would suggest you contact support, because it could be that there are other types of apps that are conflicting as well that we or they may not know about yet.

Hopefully this is an issue (as far as the clipboard issue anyways) that will get fixed soon so I can utilize the other app I paid money for that is just sitting and collecting dust for about a year now :/

New Design creates a separate project, so does you create another page inside a project?

Yes you create another page.

Sorry typo there, I meant to ask how do you create another page in the active project?

In the Design pane on the bottom right, right click on the Page menu and select Create Page. This creates another page for that project. Those pages you are able to paste linked components between. Some copied components can not be pasted into others based on certain app design controls. Such as if you can't drag/drop a component into another, you can also not paste that component into it either.

For instance the app will not let you drag/drop a DIV into a Paragraph, and in the same vein you can not copy/paste a DIV into a Paragraph as well.


Issue solved, thanks to all.