Pasting from Word issue

Ya I know, most of the time I don't usually do it from things like Word due to formatting issues, but thought I'd report this anyways in case something can be fixed. Might not be something fixable, but can't hurt to let you know I guess.

When you paste text from Word, it many times misses spaces and runs words together. Because of this I have no choice but to paste in another editor first so that doesn't happen and then have to copy and paste from that editor. When there is a lot of special formatting, I do this anyways to avoid formatting issues, but when it's just a bunch of paragraphs that don't really have any special formatting, it would be nice to be able to paste directly from Word.

As I said, not sure if there's anything that can be done on the end of BSS, but if there is then it doesn't hurt for you to know this is happening :)

P.S. This is on Mac version which I know can make a difference with how MS Office products work so that might have something to do with it too.