PHP Integration and JavaScript in head

I saw someone posted about the idea of Wordpress integration, but I would take it a step forward. I would suggest we need php integration. So that those of us who use CodeIgnitor or build custom php sites and cms can build right in bootstrap studio. I do love this program, and it's great for building out the templates though, and I will be using it for future projects. I also noticed that it automatically places any script files in the footer, which my main site I am working on doesn't technically have a footer. Obviously the work around is create a blank footer just for the scripts. Anyways that's my two sense.

PHP integration would be pretty sweet, I use Bootstrap studio because I'm a back end developer and want to focus on backend, so having php built in would allow me to work on backend while keeping the ability to edit the site which I can't do at the moment - once its exported and I start backend, no more bss