Placing image between two sections

Hi guys, I am very new to Bootstrap Studio and web design in general. So please pardon my ignorance.

I have two Sections: section 1 and section 2 right under it. I want to use image as transition between two sections. But in no way I can precisely snap my image at the bottom of section. I need specifically bottom of my image to align with bottom of section1 and top of section2.

I've been following Tesla website tutorial and there is Section with two divs (top and bottom) and Flex container being used with Column set as direction and content justified Between Unfortunately that doesn't align my image with bottom of the section. If I remove bottom div and just put image I will get 1 pixel gap between my image and section2.

Hope what I am describing makes sense. And hope there is a way for precisely constraining image to bottom of section.

Thank you.

OK I think I've figured it out. I have added style to bottom div with:

margin-bottom: 0 !important