Please add BR and &NBSP to the default components

If anything, just to save our fingers on the forums having to explain how to create them. They really should be in the default areas anyways. Put them by the Custom Code area and that will help everyone to know where to look for it too. Please do this, it would really help a lot of people, especially all the newcomers lately if this were already in the list rather than having to create our own. :)

Thanks for the suggestion! When we redo the text edition functionality we will make this support built in - Shift + Return would produce a <br>, and Shift + Space - a &nbsp; (not sure if the latter would be discoverable or expected, though).

Perfect ?

That works too, but will it be on the list of components on the left also? That would be helpful for those that aren't aware of the keybindings. This way a tooltip could be added to show the keybindings which may also help.

Thanks much for adding it in keybindings though, either way that will help a lot!

strong would be nice too

If you want to bold text using the text editor just highlight your text and select 'B' to bold as that's already available

Yep and for bold your typical key combos work too with the ctrl+b or the command+b after highlighting what you want bolded.

Thanks Chris and Jo, that helps!

@Bolora - here is a page that shows all the short cuts that are currently supported by the app which may be of use to you and others of the app