Please add info on your Basics area Tutorial for adding new pages

There's been a discussion here since there's been a few people along the way (more than a few I'm sure lol) that have not been able to work out how to add a new page to their project. I don't even recall how I learned it, most likely I asked or found it by accident (I'm an avid right clicker so most likely I found it by accident lol).

Please add this information to your Tutorials in the Basics area where most would expect to find it. This isn't a totally intuitive process so I'm sure it would help many people.

Also suggested was to add the ability to manipulate pages (Add New Page for the most part) to the File menu of the app where most people would expect to find it.

Here's the thread that everyone has been discussing this in:

+1 True that!

Thanks for the suggestion! We'll add this in our next release.

Thanks Gabriela