Please add Line-awesome [added in 4.2.1]


Please add line-awesome ( i personally like them over font-awesome.

Hi, You can already use it. Import CDN in your project and you're ready to go. The only drawback of it is that you don't have the icons list inside BBS, but you can use css classes.

+1 Those look pretty nice! Never heard of them before, but I'd also like to see them added to the default BSS features. Yes we can use CDN's, but using the Interface is so much simpler and gives us built in options for styling them and setting them up. Thanks for sharing that Ruprect, I'll be checking those out more closely now too.

Thx for the +1 Jo, and I agree with you - Having the interface to select the correct icon is much faster.

I understand that it is a hassle to add each Icon pack that we (the users) want, otherwise make it easier for us to include it, and share it - Then we as a community could do the work for the developers - and just share each Icon Pack we want.

New Idea - Make Icon Packs shareable.

+1 for the ability to easily add icon packs ourselves! Not sure if they can/will do that, but I like the idea! In the meantime CDN's do work for them while we wait to see what they will do for us on them. :)

Wow ask and you shall receive! Sweet update added new icons today! Thanks!

Wow - Fast response on my feature request.