Please make Head section editable - divided in fix, local and global section !

Hi, for a fast website parts of the css need to be in the head section. On my machine the code flys in this little design/propertys window and it is really hard to edit the code.

To jump out of the main window and edit code for the head section in this tiny windows is really bad - I can't see anything - no colors - no code support.

And I need to see the code that I have written in both windows at the same time, this is not possible right now!

A solution could be that you divide the head section in the html edit window into three parts.

One that can't be edited directly - for system parts, one for the global site parts - that can be edited and one for the local site parts - that can also be edited.

So we could use the full height of the window and the great support of your software to edit the code and every change could be previewed and copy /pasted directly.

Thanks Ralle