Please stop locking us out of things :(

And yet "another" locked setup. Is there a reason we cannot change the theme being used by the new templates? I Love the new templates, but seriously, locking them so we cannot change the default themes of them? That's truly a very very nasty limit. Please stop limiting us and give us the reins we need to do our own thing, or give us a version or toggle/button or "something!" that those of us that have a clue can use without all the restraints. This really disappoints me to see these new templates locked so we cannot change the themes.

I could see this being ok if we couldn't change them in "any" already created site, but since I can change the themes of any site I've created, I should be able to do the same for site's that "you've" created as well.

give us a version or toggle/button or “something!” that those of us that have a clue can use without all the restraints

+1 * 100,000,000 ;-)

Sorry to disappoint! Each template requires a customized version of Bootstrap and custom CSS to work, and changing the theme would break the design visually. We didn't want to give users the impression that they can just change the theme and magically get an alternative version of the template.

What is the particular result you are after? Maybe there is a way we can do it.

Nothing in particular, just that unless you are starting a brand new site, the theming system is pretty useless. In other words, you can't create sites (multiple sites) and then use them as template starters for new sites and then have the ability to alter the "Theme" colors as needed. Seems kind of counter productive to not set it up so this can be done.

Having said that, when we create our own sites, we always have the ability to change the theme. Doesn't seem to "break" anything when I do that, so why would it break anything in a template created by you? Makes no sense to me. If it's usable when I create a site (at any time in the process including after I've completed it and am just doing updates for a client), why not for anything else created? Let us have the ability to do so.

My biggest reason on this though is that this app is going more towards the people that don't have a clue how to build a website for real and limiting those of us that do, in order to accommodate them. It gets more stifling every time you do things like this that block us from using our "own" creativity. Give us the reins, let us see how it breaks so we can create our own work arounds etc. instead of limiting us only to yours and the newbies imaginations and skills. Just a pet peeve that's getting bigger as the app grows. :(


I expressed the same feeling just a few minutes ago on a different topic.

I'm a professional, I do backups, when a break a design it's my problem to go back, study, learn and redo it. I first bought BSS and then renewed its license for multiple years to have a tool to make my job easier and faster not to get more constraints.

so it's fine if I can drop AND MODIFY an element, the more flexibility I have the better for me. But right now this tool is starting to limit my workflow and making me slower and less productive. Even in the prototyping phase. No more Bootstrapstudio, the new name should be BFD: Bootstrap For Dummies. And that size doesn't fit me.

(Btw, I was willing to renew my license every year, I'm not so sure casual users will even buy it once)

I mentioned in respect to inbuilt themes that a way for us to copy the styles would be appreciated in this topic However if you're not top of the forum chain, you hardly get anything, I mean they love locking things up so much, I'm not sure I can edit forum posts or topics after I post, I still like the software, I just don't know what to do with it anymore, visual code is less restricted and combined with Chrome dev tools gets the job of creating a static front page far easier than BSS

@ jo - you say the app is blocking our creativity, i disagree with that.

however, i do agree that having limitations on editing components and themes can at times be frustrating but in the few years i have been using this app it has not stopped me in what i want to do or achieve - if anything it has helped hone my problem solving skills a bit more :)

i think the new templates are great for the beginners looking for a quick fix as most of what has been released are free templates that have been online for years that i recognise as it was freelancer that peaked my interest in bootstrap.

If the devs don't allow to change the theme then im sure its for a very good reason, as i think this would require additional coding and logic to be built into each of the new templates that has been released to work with all the themes ( which im guessing is a lot of work). and just building from scratch using the out of the box components is fine to do so as a stylesheet is applied.

+1 again @jo and @marrco

@Chris ...

free templates that have been online for years

Yeah that was rather disappointing to simply see the same old startbootstrap templates given the statement of "10 new beautiful Bootstrap 4 templates." in the 4.3.1 release.