pop up error downloading latest bootstrap 4 update!

hi i'm trying to download the newest bootstrap 4 update pop up in BS, gone to website to download, wants me to install it again but i keep getting error popup

error opening the file for writing retry, abort , ignor options

can anyone help?

Contact support. They would be the ones that would help with software issues, the forums are mostly users helping other users learn how to use the software or working out code issues.

oh ok thanks i'll contact support :)

still had no repile from support! are they normally this slow to resond?

Did you get it worked out yet? Usually they are pretty quick unless it's weekends. Not sure how they cover weekends, so I would give them a little more time. I'm not sure if updating your ticket will do anything to make it noticeable, not sure what system they are using. They are usually pretty good about support though so hang in there.

hi jo yes it was a good 5 days i think before they got back to me, then i had to resend a ticket which they replied much faster but sadly my issue still remains, it seems my pc won't allow me to update to version 4 :(

still trying to resolve the problem!

Bummer spacecoder, have you tried a clean reinstall? If not I would do that next.

i think i'll try and install on laptop and try get the update i'm a little concerned if i uninstall i won't be able to reinstall it again! i think i'll try and find a local tech guy to have a look at my pc, maybe they'll find out why it won't install