Pre-sale question

I am interested in building only pages with plain old native Bootstrap markup and visual style. However, when I try your web demo, most of the components seem to be modified or prettied-up in some way. Is there a way to get rid of the custom components and just use what Bootstrap gives me?

I am eager for a Bootstrap 4-compatible version.


Yes you can use default components in this app like you see on bootstraps site.

Also have option for custom ones as seen in the demo.

Bootstrap 4 will be supported when a stable release is delivered

Where can I see the plain-ol' Bootstrap components in the current version, versus the prettied-up components? The main ones I hit were the latter. Thanks for the reply.

You will need to pay to see them in the app, else just look at the bootstrap website to see their components, it's exactly the same as out of the box BSS uses the vanilla components

Oh, I see... out of the box, it's vanilla under the "Studio" tab, with the custom fancy options needing to be added in from your "Online library, perhaps?

Yes thata exactly it.

The app allows users to create custom css using default boostrap components or you can download ones the devs have provided or user generated ones