Premium Temapletes

Dear Team BSS,

Just not purchased BSS lifetime. As mentioned on several other post's I could see only Clean Sky & Material Portfolio as premium under templates. Aren't there any more premium (2) & normal templates (9) library?

FYI, the tool is updated to latest version 4.3.2 and checked for updates as well.


I have the lifetime BSS. There are 12 templates for BS 4.1 and three templates for BS 3.3. Perhaps you are only looking at the BS 3.3 templates? When you click "new design" there is a dropdown box that let's you select which BS version.


Yes you're correct root1, there are only 2 premium ones at this time. Not sure what the plans are on that, but maybe there will be more in the soon to be released update. Watch for that update very soon!