Presales Question: Raspberry Pi / ARM supported?

Hey guys,

looking for a dumbass-compatible (talking about me... ;) ) Bootstrap editor and it looks like Bootstrap Studio would be a perfect match.

Before I squeeze the last bucks out of my wallet:

Anyone using Bootstrap Studio successfully on Raspberry Pi or another ARM-based platform?

For a bunch of reasons I plan to do my website editing mainly on a RasPi 3B running DietPi (ARM-flavored stripped down Debian Stretch) and would like to know if this app runs on that cute little thing.

cheers Martin

well, guess not. *wave*

Hi @martinTheWanderer,

You may wish to contact support directly, this is a just a user to user forum. The only "System Requirements" I remember seeing is the following.

Which operating systems are supported?

Bootstrap Studio works on Windows 7 and up, macOS 10.9 and up and many Linux distributions (including Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora). Chrome OS is not supported.

Which is found listed on this page in the FAQs: