Preview doesn't sync as soon as I save the file.

Preview doesn't display the last changes I have made. It shows the previous stage of changes.

Hi @jhetpatel

Have you made sure that preview is on: enter image description here

And that you have opened the correct URL: enter image description here

Because I've not had any issue with previews, on my 3 different machines - All running Windows 10, latest version.

Perhaps supply some machine information for the developers, or if the problem persists report a bug here directly to the developers.

I've also had browser cache mess me up as well for this, and at times it will just stop working and the beauty of it is that all you need to do is close the browser preview and open a new one for it and you should be all set to go.

I don't know what makes it stop working, I just know it's one of those little glitches that have plagued me over a year. At least with our new update on the Preview setup we can just click the button to open a new one instead of having to do the whole setup every time like we used to have to do. Pretty painless setup. Just open a new preview window and you should be fine.