Preview Error

I have had this for about a month now and everything was working fine until last night. I press the preview button and the page I am on loads in my browser. I click a nav button, and instead of going to the page that it is linked to in options, the page "flips". The correct url shows, like it is trying to go, then it refreshes back to the page I loaded to preview. I removed the software and reinstalled, with no luck. Could this be a router issue? It does this in all browsers.

Check your link for any typos, extra characters, spaces, etc. Definitely not a BSS issue, but I feel your pain in trying to track things like this down. If you can post a link to an uploaded version of the site we could probably help better also.

Doubtful that it's a router issue. Best thing would be to publish it to a live domain where we can look at it.

It was indeed a simple error. Apparently when I renamed a few pages, I forgot to update the links. Dumb mistake, but at least the post will let others with the same kind of an error know what to look for. It was basically a 404 error booting me back to the preview page. When I published the site, and clicked the links that was what I got, the 404. So I went back through and corrected everything.

I am enjoying the software as I learn it. Right now it is faster for me to hand code, but I think once I get used to this, it will save me time. Thank for making it


Glad you got it worked out Mickie, enjoy the software, I know I do and I can guarantee it will be faster than hand coding once you get the hang of it. :)