Problem duplicating an entire website


I am trying to use an existing BSS website to provide a template for a second related website, preserving most of the style, fonts, etc. Naively, I first copied the existing .bsdesign file to a new file folder, renamed the .bsdesign file, and opened the new .bsdesign file in BSS by double clicking. The file opens and the tab shows the new file name, so it looks like all is well, but there is a problem with the Export Destination. When I open the Export Options panel through the file menu Export Options or through the Export icon drop down menu at the top I get the Export Destination from the original website. Reasonable so far since I copied the .bsdesign file. To change the Export Destination I Browse to the correct file folder for this new website and click SAVE. The new path shows in the text box.

However, when I close the new website, then open the original website in BSS and now look at the Export Options the original website contains the Export Destination path from the new website! It seems the two .bsdesign files are still connected. Since I am in the old website I correct the Export Destination of the old website, SAVE, close the tab, then open the new website and the new website Export Destination has changed back to the old website file path.

I have other websites that I have created from scratch and those .bsdesign documents have separate Export Destinations that are unique and don't switch.

Am I missing something? If this is not the way to duplicate an entire BSS website, how should it be done?

Thanks. -Terry Joyce

You need to open the file in BSS that you want to duplicate, click File and do a Save As like you would in any other program. Now save it as a different name and then the orojects will no longer be connected.

Thank you. Save As was the obvious thing to try, but I just couldn't see it. Thanks for your insight. -Terry

haha too funny, sometimes we just don't see the forest for the trees! Trust me, we all do it at times!