Problem Linking NavBar

My problem is that in my BS Studio website I have created the NavBar I need. Then I have copied it from the index page where I developed it and pasted it linked to the other pages.
Then (after saving) the preview shows that the menu works fine on the index page but only the first item Home and the first drop-down works on every other page.
This has frustrated me for the best part of today - fortunately it has been raining and staying indoors quite comfortable.
I hope I am just missing something quite simple.

It’s a little hard to guess what’s wrong without seeing your .bsdesign file. Are you using the Smart Active State feature?

Thanks for the response. Yes I have the Smart Active State activated. and this apparent on all the pages.
I can put the .bsdesign into dropbox if you are able to have a look at it.

When you use Smart Active State, make sure you have the active class turned off the Nav Items.

If you send PM me a dropbox link, I will take a look at your .bsdesign file sometime today.