Problem w/ "Select-Search" element CSS

I tried using the select-search element which is downloadable. Technically it seems to work, but the colors are messed up. When doing the direct test out of BSS, everything looks fine, but when exporting the code, the resulting HTML/CSS code is messed up, not using the correct colors on the drop-down. Any idea what I'm missing here?

Edit: seems it has something to do with the JS code ... if I remove the Select-search.js from loading, the colors are fine. Also, the .js files aren't loadet correctly when using the live view, which seems to be the reason why the output seems better then (albeit with the actual search input not working)

OK, does seem to be a problem with the default settings in the CSS, combined with some defaults in the JS ... fixed in the project's CSS ...

Have you tried reordering the files? You may need to check this often when you are adding external files ir cdn links.