Problem when trying to add my domain

Hi all.

This is my first time using this Bootsrap Studio feature. I´m trying to set my new website (I bought it today, so maybe I will not be able to transfer it, because CloudFlare says my domain should be 60 days old minimum...) Definitely I cant wait two months. I read in this web I can put my domain without use the cloudflare service, but, How I can do that? When I try to register my domain ( it says the "DNS is not record yet". I don´t know how I can register it and start using it.

Thanks for your time. Regards

You don't need to transfer your domain to Cloudflare. You should only set it as nameserver. I don't think the 60 day rule applies in that case. After this is done you can proceed with the regular setup.

Hi Martin, thanks for your answer. Today I add to my NAMESERVERS space, and in the CNAME I added too as you can see in this photo, but Bootstrap Studio keeps showing "DNS record is not yet set". Is the first time I do that so I dont know if I am doing this well. Thanks

PD. @ appears when I save which is my domain

You should do this through cloudflare. Be sure to follow the steps here: