Problem with Columns and Media Query

Sorry in advance for my english, i'm Italian.

I love BS studio, thank you for this beautiful software. I read all the topics when I've a problem, but in this case i don't know how to search, sorry then for doubling an eventual topic already discussed. I think the question here is very simple and depends on the fact I ain't so skilled with bootstrap general code, but generic stylesheet/CSS.

I have a container with 6 columns, but i don't like the way it looks in XS and SM. I would the obtain the results in this screenshot:

Here we have the actual result I don't like

I thought the problem is the class "col-md-6", but I can't change it. So I tried to create a new Row with columns classed "col-sm-6". It doesn't work.

You can navigate through domain (i'm doing tests, so i don't know if you can find something) if you wanna see this section without screenshot. Thank you and congrats again for the beautiful BS Studio :)

I would change col-md-6 to none and then set starting width to col-6 on all the columns. Adjust your containor-mobile width to a larger size. These settings are found under Options for the columns.