Problem with last export (Mac Version) not sure if App or me :/

Hiya all,

I'm having a really hard time trying to track down what broke in the last export of a site I've been working on for 2 clients. Both of them are using the same script (a little altered for one of them), and the setup is broke for both sites so I'm not sure where to look since I haven't changed much in one of the sites at all.

What I have is a script that I had coded for me by a friend (much more intelligent on scripts than I am lol) which allows links in the menu to lead to specific tabs on the Ministry Teams page which for some reason is now broke. It goes to the same tab that is set as active no matter what. The thing is I haven't touched the menu, I haven't touched any of the scripts that go with the menu or the script for that tabs setup, haven't changed the order of the JS or anything else I can think of that would have broken that setup, but obviously something is changed somewhere.

I've run it through DeltaWalker to try to compare the last working copy of the site which was just before the current live one (thankfully I keep lots of previous backups), and I can not find anything different other than the content itself. It worked perfectly (well close to it anyways haha) prior to the last export, and I've exported both of these sites since the last update (prior to the update I just got for the app today 10/12/16) so I'm not sure if the app did something to the files somewhere or if I broke something and just can't find it.

Any assistance would be really appreciated here, especially if it's in the files the app creates and I am just unaware of a lot of what it does on export. I've not had this issue since I added the script and I've edited the content many times and no issues, so I'm truly thinking something got messed up on the exports, but no clue where to look.

Here's the info for one of the sites (no sense doing both since they are both broke, fixing one should allow me to fix the other I am thinking.

Current live site (broken one) Click the Ministry Teams link on the main menu and click any of the links for that section and it will take you to the page, just not to the right tab and/or section which is what is broken.

Previous export of the same site done on 10/07/16 (seems to work as intended)

The working one sends you directly to the top of the content so don't be alarmed if the page is scrolled down a bit, that's intended. The links in the menu also do 'not' work on the Ministry Teams page so that's intended as well (sort of lol). The scroll back to top arrow also does not work on that page, not intended, but this isn't broke recently just wasn't priority to fix it yet so don't worry about that either.

Thanks for any help you can give guys.

OK, so I find this error on broken site.

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [href=#christian-ed] jquery.min.js:2 

I'd suggest trying this... in broken site backup the jquery JS i.e. rename to .bak

Copy working sites jquery file into the broken site and see if that works.

The new version of BSS exports using v1.12.4 of jQuery the old site is using v1.11.3

The new version of BSS allows you to select different versions of jQuery but not older then v1.12.4

So I'm thinking that maybe your myscripts.js might have to take into consideration the changes in the newer jQuery version.


Using Chrome's Dev Tools (F12) on the Ministry page and any of it's nav links, when I run the function ministryTeams(); in the console, I get that error for that link that's in the URL.

That error kills the rest of your myscripts.js from executing which is why your back to top doesn't work. I can copy/paste that section of the script into the console and the back to top starts working.


Thank you so much Saj! That fixed it, and apparently I was wrong on the back to top not working, it is working now as well. I guess I forgot we fixed it lol.

I'll talk to the person that created that script for me and see what would need to be done to accommodate the newer version of jquery and go from there. Monday will be the day for all that as I'm off to a weekend getaway with the hubby hehe. Have a great weekend and thank you!