Problems with minify, JS

hi @ll,

i have a problem and I can’t find a solution.

  1. website looks good, works fine in preview
  2. export is fine, works

But if I use the minify option, same of the snippets (java) works, others not…
really, I have no clue …Only option I have, don’t use the minify tool? really?

Any ideas? greetings Phil

What version of Bootstrap Studio are you using ? The minify compression tool used was updated from Uglify to Terser so if your version is older you may be running into problems with ES5 to ES6 js standards.

Version is up to date 5.4.3…

Well then I suppose there might be something happening with Terser compression (bug ?).

I would try to troubleshoot which one of the offending java snippets (isolate) it is happening with and then contact the developers of BS and provide a sample project so they may investigate.
Or show us the code…web link ?

I’ve never gotten the minify to work right either so … no answers here unfortunately. I’ve tried it a handful of times and every time it screws up the site so I gave up.

I personally never bother with minify unless there is some serious need for using every available trick to improve page load speed. I like being able to look at my source code sometimes on live sites.

I always use minify and have never had any problems.

thx, for your information, I will isolate every single js and test it…

hi @ll,

at least I found my mistake.

  1. I exported with minify-option,

  2. opened local, with safari/firefox

  3. open console in browser…

  4. fixed it. save and export again and it works

really I didn’t see it, searched for days… :rofl:

I hope, I can help others …
Greetings Phil