Program is on a grey screen.

When i try to save a file it starts to grey screen for some odd reason even when I make a carousel in a new template so I cant save what I've done. it only just started on the recent updates.

A few things you should always include when you report bugs:

OS & version What you've done to try to fix or help the issue. Such as the following: Have you tried reinstalling? Have you restarted your computer at all since installing/updating? Have you tried creating a new project to see if this issue happens? Have you tried a different project that has already been created?

If you haven't done any of the above suggestions, please try restarting, then try reinstalling and see if either of them makes a difference. Try different projects to see if the issue is within a specific project.

Hope that helps and good luck!

We just released an update – version 2.4.5. Once you get it, can you try whether it can open the .bsdesign file you’ve been working on?

Also we have a 64bit release for Windows. You might want to give it a try as it offers better stability and performance on 64bit versions of the OS.