Publish with CSS minify disabled

I was wondering if there's an option somewhere to publish the project with CSS minify disabled, like in the export options? I do not wish to have bootstrap.css not minified or course, I simply wish to have the option for my custom CSS stylesheet.

I know it can be achieved using export, but the thing is... in want to publish to and get my custom CSS sheet not minified. For now, if I add code in a custom sheet, the CSS /assets/css/styles.min.css... and is minified.

Possible to publish and have a custom css stylesheet not minified?

You can go into your settings for either the Project or the app itself and in the left column scroll down and click "Export". Turn off the minimization of the CSS and you should be all set. It will still use a minified copy of the Boostrap CSS, but your custom CSS won't be minified then.

Unfortunately we haven't built an option to disable minification when publishing to Bootstrap Studio Sites. Out of curiosity, why do you need to keep it unminified?

Jo: yeah thanks I know how to do it using Export, but I also wanted to have the option with Publish.

Martin: Thanks... ok I see. Because somewhere down the road, once i'm done with my tasks in the project, I know a partner in the project will need to download my code and edit some CSS (or at least check some lines in the file) from the published website, and an unminified version would have helped. But I will simply use 'Export' once we reach that point. The option would still be cool though :)