Publishing to User Defined Server Location

Publishing to a user defined server location (i.e. Host: Location: /var/www/html/htdocs) would be a great addition.


Plus one on this one... I would pay an additional registration for a server component to be able to publish to private server. Also password protection (htaccess) would be nice.

Thanks for the suggestion!

This would be a great feature to have. When we looked into it, we discovered that it would take quite a lot of work. It basically amounts to building an entire FTP/SFTP/FTPS client just for this one feature. Automatic publishing can already be achieved by exporting to an external directory and setting WinSCP to auto upload.

We would like to add uploading eventually, but right now we are focused on Bootstrap 4, new components and templates. Once these land, we will look into deployment again.

I actually export out to a git enabled folder and run a shell script after the export to push the repo which then has a hook to have the web server pull. Works flawlessly and it is fast. I need to write it all down in case I need to do it over again! lol. Maybe I will post instructions in the forum...


You should consider adding export options for filenames like .php. I have found a solution for this, i just thought this might be a nice feature for newbies like me :-)

I know this idea has already been addressed and discussed 2 months ago but I would like to add my +1 into the pot as well. My view on it is this: Bootstrap 4 is still in Beta and can be changed at any time which means features of BS4 I use today may not exist tomorrow and even after the full release I am sure there will be bugs that need to be worked out. I don't know how beneficial for users to be able to use BS4 on a professional level when it is still so volatile (though I quite like some of the new features and elements). Instead I firmly believe tailoring to the need of FTP/SFTP/FTPS would be more useful to those of us using the program for professional applications. Keep in mind I am aware you have already begun working on BS4 integration on 2.7.1 but this is just me adding in my humble and weightless opinion. This is in no way meant to question the motives or actions of Bootstrap Studio. Instead it is meant as constructive criticism.

I know I did a +1 way back when on that feature, but to be honest, I really don't think it's all that detrimental for an FTP to be built in. Yes it would be nice, but .... with that also comes a lot of other features needed such as:

The ability to upload only what files you want to upload specifically, not the entire site every time. Ability to choose only files that were changed since the last upload (provided you want that feature, I prefer to choose what I want to upload manually myself) File dates/times of last update would need to be in place for sure for ease of seeing what was just recently changed. Lots of bells and whistles of an FTP program itself.

If I had to choose where the time would be better spent, it most definitely it wouldn't be with FTP setups at all. I just personally would rather see the features of the web building be more important than. Maybe something way down the road when the app has been very feature richly completed and features and updates are no longer a bi-weekly to monthly thing for adding new things yet. I guess then maybe it would be great to have this ability, but ... for now ... not so much for me.