"Publishing your website.." never ends

Hi Bootstrap Studio Team.

I've been experiencing a big issue when i try to publish my project to a website (not custom domain just the normal and simple domain your app provides) and i only created 1 single website, but since 1 week ago i can't pusblish my changes, seems like the "Publishing your website.." never ends, even if i let it running for more than a day.

here is an example of what happens to me: Publishing your website never ends... <br> Some other information that may be relevant is: - Boostrap studio is up to date. - and i only have 2 websites, inside the app, and i tried bot, but none of them works. - i am not using any custom domain.

hope you can answer as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sorry that you've run into problems! Can you check how large (in mb) your bsdesign file is? Normally the app should warn if it is too large and can't be published.

Hi Martin. well i can't checkl right now, but what's is the maximun size for bdesign file? it never throws me any error/warning about the file size.

Thank you.

If possible, can you send us your bsdesign file to our email address? You can see it here.

Hi! Had the same problem on my MacBook Pro, but solved it:

Deleted the files in the USER/~Library/Caches/ folder. Then purged cache on CloudFlare and run CleanMyMac. Waited some minutes and ... wola!

Bootstrap Studio my favorite!