Purchase option


i was wondering if anyone knows of another way to purchase bootstrap, i dont own a visa card or paypal (would prefer to not link it to my bank account) is there any other way to purchase a copy of bootstrap studio via other means of payment.

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I don't know of any other way but I would suggest dropping the devs a mail on their email in the main sites contact section


alright, will follow your advice. thank you for replying!

Here the same issue, I don't own visa card and I have issues with PayPal for months now :( Can't log in. Do you accept bitcoin? Please, I really want to purchase bootstrap studio, it's so powerfull, I'm really impressed. And the price is really cheap, this app does more than mobirise which is really expensive :-( It highlights the html and css code, this is perfect for someone like me who is novice in the web development world. I hope support reads this. :(<br /> Thank you so much from a desperate future user of bootstrap. :-(