Question about containers and just elements

Dear members, could you clarify when I should use a bootstrap container and when just a paragraph. I understand that container is used to make a bootsrap grid with raws and colomns, howerver I do not understand when should I use just a paragraph or just a table. Or it is always better to use containers all around. And the final question, do I have to put all elements on the page in one big container or it is not necessary.

thank you.

do yourself a favor and learn some basic bootstrap, then you'll use BSS better. ie.

Sometimes I'm really curious to know why many people open their pocket and pay for a software like this without looking at the demo or even knowing what bootstrap is, how it works and without taking their time for studying it. I just hope I'm not helping a thief that pirated it.

This has been a very helpful answer, dear valued member, just from the starting lines of your answer I started to understand the whole issue. In addition to that I was accused that I am a thief! Shame on you! You'd better not to answer anything. I myself have a site and forum about trading matters and I never answer in such a manner! Any question, even the one that seems to be simple is answered completely and without any fuss! Please do me a favor and leave your comments outside the forum if you really do not want to help.

Your questions are not related to the Bootstrap Studio program. And I suggested you a simple primer on bootstrap, a free introductory course.

BSS is a tool aimed at bootstrap developers. Usually professionals. There's a working demo on the homepage too.

I do find curious that people spend their hard earned money to buy a software aimed at bootstrap developers when don't even know the basis of bootstrap. And often are not even interested in learning it.

To add further to Marrco's comment, not only do many people buy the app without knowing what Bootstrap is or how to use it, but don't even know how to create a basic website themselves without a 100% drag and drop program, which this isn't.

I also believe Marrco's comment to "thief" wasn't intended at you personally, but at the dozens of people that come in asking questions similar to yours that do end up being people trying to get us to help them with basic website information because they are using a pirated copy and it doesn't work like the tutorials show since it's older. He's not saying you "are" a thief, he's hoping you "aren't" one, from our past experience. Take that as you like I guess.

Other than that, he told you what was needed and where to find it. That's more than I would have done as I'm at the point of not bothering to answer at all the questions of newbies that don't know basic website structure and expect us to do the research for them. Just my 10 cents. :/