Question about font licenses with bootstrap studio


I bought bootstrap studio with the premium license and wanted to ask about the fonts used in the templates and the templates are they all free for commercial use? Also i am very confused about the boostrap css helvecia fonts, they are integrated in the css at bootstrap but belong to adobe? and are not free for commercial use? Some mentioned they are not installed just asked by the browser.

Does anyone know the legal terms here?

As far as I know, all the BSS templates (and their embedded assets) are free to be used in any project - personal or commercial.

Which of the templates uses the Adobe Helvetica font?

Bootstrap uses a native font stack.

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The boostrap css but as font stack, so font stacks are okay to use Helvetica?

Ok and with font stacks its okay to use Helvetica?

When a website specifies a font to be used in CSS, it can either import a font, such as one from Google Fonts, or use a system font. System fonts are fonts already on your local machine, and if your computer doesn’t have the system font the site asks for, it will fall back to the browser default.

TLDR: you can use Helvetica on any site you want, but if everyone accessing your site doesn’t own Helvetia and have it installed, they will see another font.

Fix: it’s best to use a font from Google Fonts, and overwrite Bootstraps font.

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Yes, because it’s a system font on certain releases of iOS/Apple. You’re not actually using the font, your website is telling the browser to use the system’s native font, which is certain cases is Helvetica.

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Okay thanks, i am fine when mac users see helvetica as long its legal

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I take it you never read that link :grin: