Question about the application!

Is it windows compatible? Is it a monthly/yearly subscription after the "First year of free updates"?

Sincerely Linden.

It is Windows and Mac compatible, and possibly others too. Not sure on the setup of prescription for updates. So far all I've seen is the $25 to purchase the app. What I can tell you is it is 200% worth every penny even if it does end up with a yearly update price! Right now I have a site I am finishing up for a local church. If you'd like to see it you can view it here while I have it up there:

This was created 100% within the app including quite a number of external scripts using Custom Code boxes in the app. Takes a little time to get used to how it all works, but the support here has been top notch and a handful of good helpers on the forums if you get stuck with anything.

Jo, Excellent website... How you implemented everything with BSS...Kudos