Quick way to add opengraph and twitter meta tags

This would be a useful time save for adding meta data to the head section. also description, robots etc.

How do you mean quick? It’s pretty quick to open either the project settings to add meta tags to all pages, or right click a page choose properties and put your meta tags, page descriptions etc. there. How much more quickly is quick? :stuck_out_tongue: Ideas on what it is you are actually asking for would probably help the devs a lot. Right now I think it’s pretty quick and can’t see how it could be made quicker, but that doesn’t mean others can’t :slight_smile:

so open graph and twitter meta fields are in blocks of around 10 meta tags all in so a one click option would be quicker. More options like description and robots would also be quicker than typing so I don’t agree with your position. The title is descriptive enough of the request :stuck_out_tongue:

Or perhaps have them included as a default in HTML templates would potentially help.

Ok so you’re saying you type all that, 10 lines, … I beg to differ and if you do then you need to learn how to copy and paste LOL. J/K :stuck_out_tongue:

Description is there, meta tags are there, Open Graph is there, Twitter is there . It’s all there in the SEO settings of the page. Click the SEO dropdown, maybe you missed it? Still not following how it could be easier other than having an option to just have it all on one screen which would probably drive everyone else crazy lol.

Just trying to understand what would make it better. Am hoping maybe that you missed the ability to open the SEO section?

UPDATE: I do see what you mean on the Meta tags as they are a one by one thing, but you can always open the Head Content and add them there by copy and paste I believe. That might be the quicker way for your multi line meta tags?

I’m totally confused by what the OP is proposing here as well. It seems to me that the program already provides a quick and simple way to add this info.

To the OP… maybe you can create an image in Photoshop describing how you envision a more efficient UI for this task? I cannot understand what your envisioning from what you’ve posted here.

Thanks @jo-r pointing out that the SEO option had the tags I needed.

As regards opening files and editing (Copy, Paste and Delete) etc.

Yes I could do that… But I feel I bought a tool to make things quicker. So any typing that can be avoided is a time saver and this is the ideas section, hence the post.

Incidentally I moved from Webflow to this and found it to be very flexible and quick to put together schematically correct html. BSS as a program has taken me some time to get to grips with as a new user.

I do wish that the CSS editing part of the UI allowed me to override the default styling of a component, a container for example and apply my own custom class. It feels disconnected having to type css classes in a custom css section when the UI could do the heavy lifting. Which in turn would give instant feedback via the preview.

Hello again lol,

A typical work flow when it comes to using frameworks is to copy the classes to your custom file and then edit them to override the defaults. It’s been that way for many different frameworks and is a pretty good system in general so that you always have the original to fall back on if you make a mistake or just plain don’t like something you do.

You can easily override any CSS though by doing the following (yes this part will make your life much easier):

  1. Create your custom CSS file (I literally call mine custom.css so I can find it easier).
  2. Now in the dropdown right next to the Create button at the top of the Styles window choose your custom CSS file (or you can create one right from there as well). It will put some code in for a class that you probably don’t need so just delete it (don’t hit Undo as it will probably undo your choice in the dropdown.
  3. Note: The choice will remain until your next session (or so they say, but I’ve had it last longer), then rinse and repeat numbers 1 and 2 ass needed.

Now by rearranging the file Include order so that your custom css is at the bottom (which you do by right clicking the Styles category itself in the Design pane) you will be all set to add new classes or duplicate classes directly to whatever the last CSS file you chose was.

To do this use the dots to the right of any class and choose duplicate. It will dupicate that class and to the right of it you will see in gray text the name of the file it went to. Now edit that class/id to your hearts delight and your all set.

That’s all there is to overwriting default CSS. It truly isn’t as hard as it may look or sound and definitely easier than having to constantly type the classes to overwrite them.

P.S. I’m truly just trying to help here, not trying to make your life miserable, but I do know that this app lacks very largely in documentation so we never really know whether someone has stumbled upon how something works or not, hence why I spell things out as I do. :slight_smile:

As @jo-re pointed out, there is a LOT about this program that is not covered in the Tutorials or videos, BUT, if you watch the videos and build the same website being built in the video right alongside it in the program, (it really helps to have two or more monitors for this) you will get a grasp of this program a lot faster than coming to the forum every time you run into a “speedbump”, and then either post a proposed solution, or ask why the program doesn’t do “XYZ.” In most cases, it’s just a matter of, it’s not something that’s explained clearly in any of the tutorials or vidoes.

Bootstrap Studio is a REALLY well designed, well thought out piece of software, and you can build very complex website with it much faster and easier than coding by hand, but it also kind of assumes that the person using it has a pretty good grasp of how to write code (or at least understands CSS.) It’s really not an ideal program for the drag-and-drop crowd, or someone coming from a template-based editing program like Wix, Weebly (both of which suck), or even Webflow (which is a very good program with excellent documentation, tutorial videos, etc… and a commensurately higher price tag than BSS.)

Bootstrap Studio’s weakness is it’s lack of comprehensive documentation and tutorials, BUT, the forum is very active, and there are a lot of talented website developers here so most of the time, your questions will get answered.

But you do also have to understand that none of us get paid to help out in these forums. This is entirely a user based community. The program developers pop in every few days (more or less) but they don’t come here to teach people how to build websites, and neither do most of us. We teach people how to use the program.

Most of us make our livings building websites for our own clients, so when a new user (not saying you, but just a new user in general) comes in and posts a totally novice question that shows they have absolutely no understanding of how websites work, or basically asks how to build a site soup to nuts with BSS, there’s not a whole lot we can do other than tell them to learn CSS, HTML, JS, etc and then come back when they’ve got the skill set to actually use this software effectively.

BSS is def not for total beginners, and it takes a bit of time even for experienced developers coming from other builders to learn all the little features it has to make building sites easy. After two-plus years of using this software, I still learn a new trick every few weeks from someone who just happened to discover some undocumented feature that I didn’t know about.

So the journey I am on here is that I am an experienced developer of some 40 years. I am finding the program terrible to use but fight with it to get the speed I am after. Webflow is more expensive and got more so! Hence why I have jumped to BSS. I also accept I have much to learn about the program but NOT HTML,CSS or JS. Or indeed the many other programming languages I can and often program in.

I understand you 2 @jo-r and @printninja are VERY active on the forum as you profile pic appears on almost every post in the forum. I also understand you are engaging on a free basis. No doubt because you are loyal to BSS.

However, can I suggest that not all users joining this forum are green to web technologies and would appreciate a more supportive approach when giving answers. Not trying to evoke emotion. Just pointing out that answering in a way that leaves the questioner feeling like it is their fault and not in a good way is going to turn them off of the product.

The tutorials are not only bad they in some cases do not even track with how the software works today which leaves you exasperated.

Sorry but I had to get that off my chest I am sure you are both stand up great guys and for now I am sticking to that view :slight_smile:

I understand completely, and truth be told, I never once thought of you as inexperienced with coding at all. My posts are more at the use of the app itself which is not always intuitive and yes, much of the tutorials are outdated by quite some time now. The basics are there, but any newcomer to coding and BSS are usually daunted by them since not all things are the same.

Unfortunately, most of our posts these days are steering people to the right locations since many appropriate categories have been added. It’s a messy job, and yes time is spent due to our love of this app, but a lot of newcomers to code and web design in general come in and just want it done for them. One of them posted a couple days ago and PN pointed out to him that his only 5 posts are asking for help how to build things. After a while of trying to get people to the right locations (and people that help them anyways giving those people no reason to go to any other category lol) and telling people this forum is for helping with BSS not for helping with building your website for free, we tend to get burned out on the whole thing. That’s usually when the snippy answers come.

We’ve mentioned the lack of updated tutorials and the need for full documentation for years … not months … years, and still nothing so yeah, we get burned out when we are having to take the brunt of all the issues people have with not knowing how to use the app, not knowing how to use (or even that they should use) tutorials that are outdated, not searching the forum before posting the post that’s been answered 150 times already if only they searched.

No offense meant, or taken, just explaining why you see the “not in a good way” posts here and there.

no worries :slight_smile: just wanted to clear the air a bit :slight_smile:

Like @jo-r said, your feelings are totally understandable, and not unwarranted. The more time you spend here, the more you post, and the more you see posts by others, the better feel you’ll get for why some forum posts invite snippy responses, while other get five or six very helpful answers.

Aside from jo and myself, there are about 5 or 6 other users who regularly offer help to new users (some of whom are WAY more talented and experienced with web development than I am, but just not as inclined towards typing out lengthy posts.)

I think miss @jo-r has the crown for helping newbies, as she’s been here much longer than me. I’ve learned not only things about BSS from her, but also how to be a good member of the BSS Forum community.

I tend to respond to about 80% of what gets posted here, either to offer advice/solutions, point people in the right direction, or (less often) point out that their post is just not appropriate or appreciated. It’s hard to be perfectly polite 100% of the time, but we all try, and because there is minimal moderation (and no official moderators) in these forums, we’re basically all on the honor system. Do unto others, and that sort of thing.

So don’t be afraid to post questions, and know that your skills (whatever level they may be) are not being judged by us. We simply do our best to answer questions to the best of our ability. But we’ve also all got our own unique personalities, and some “triggers” that can (at times) result in a poor responses. More than once I’ve deleted my own posts and apologized for jumping to conclusions or writing the wrong thing.

At the end of the day, we’re all just humans (at least I think we all are), and we all make mistakes. (There is one forum user here who I think may be some sort of transhuman or x-man or something. :laughing:)